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The Sun City Anthem Community Association is a homeowner-controlled, age-qualified HOA started in 1999 and is located in the City of Henderson, NV. The SCA View e-newsletter and website were established in 2003 to inform residents about the activities of the Association and the Developer, Pulte Homes. Pulte had acquired Del Webb in 2001 and effectively managed the Association until May 2007, whereupon the association was controlled by the new resident-elected Board of Directors.


Content for the newsletter comes from a variety of sources, including the Association, Board and Standing Committee meetings, residents and the personal views of the editor/publisher, Ron Johnson. Resident content, opinions and inquiries are welcomed. To contact Ron, see the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of this page.


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Until the recent passing of Robert Frank, our service had been one of 5 resident newsletters. See Links to those remaining 4 providers here.


Site History


The SCA View-Journal was inaugurated as an e-Journal in November 2003. Originally incarnated as The Sun City Anthem View, we adopted the present name in September 2004. On 15 December 2005, we incorporated as The SCA View-Journal, Inc., a non-profit corporation that also operated a website at That .org site was deactivated in 2015. This .info website was inaugurated in 2016. You may view the Corporation's purposes here.


Chapters of my planned e-book, Paradise Lost: The Sun City Anthem Story, were published in 2015 and may be read on this website:  As needed, I will be revising several of these chapters in the coming months and addeding new chapters in the process of updating the story. To learn more about why I wrote this book, you can read the e-book's "Acknowledgments" page here.


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Post-retirement Biography


Ron JohnsonRon & Olga retired and moved here from southern CA in 2001. Ron, a former investigator for the Federal Government, retired with nothing more than the thought of achieving a little peace and tranquility, along with a long life that we all aspire to, health permitting, of course. After only a few months here, Ron learned that following his radical prostatectomy he had an advanced stage of prostate cancer, with an undetermined outcome. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men. However, most persons with prostate cancer will actually die from some other natural occurring disease. For now, though, I have had no serious health problems and my PSA test results have very remarkedly remained normal at <0.1. Anyone having a question concerning my experience with prostate cancer is welcome to contact me at (702) 413-6026 or by sending me an e-mail.


In connection with Pulte's proposed changes to the Anthem Master Plan, Ron became involved in efforts with Favil West to help define the range of community amenities and recommended space allocations. In the spring of 2003, Ron was instrumental in the formation of the Anthem Highlands Committee, a group of residents who were highly concerned about Pulte's 2002 decision to reduce the size of Sun City from 10,000 homes to 7,144 homes and eliminating an executive golf course. Pulte’s Master Plan proposed changes, prompted by the company's desire to increase sales, created two new communities: Solera and Anthem Highlands. Predictably, the Committee’s efforts to thwart Pulte’s plans were not successful.


When the Developer's Kitec plumbing leak problem surfaced in 2007, adversely affecting Pulte's first 3,000, Phase one homes, Ron was alone in providing helpful information to homeowners in a series of articles on alternative solutions and critical protocols that were needed to properly address the imminent prospect that their plumbing system would soon fail due to the dezincification of their yellow-brass fittings. Unfortunately, Ron's efforts reached fewer than 50% of the affected homeowners. Incredibly, the Association remained silent, did nothing to inform or alert homeowners and stood by while members had to fend for themselves, with a $7,800 check from Pulte. As a consequence, uninformed homeowners were too often misled by contractors into making untimely, ill-advised repair decisions . We know that because of the reported incidence of leaks stemming from those decisions has been occurring since 2013. And Pulte, who opted to not repair any Kitec-plumbed homes, failed to inform homeowners of the protocols that were necessary to bring about a proper repair.


Only much later and after Pulte subsequently discovered that their Phase 2 Wirsbo and Rehau-plumbed homes were similarly adversely affected did Pulte develop a recommended protocol to address the dezincificdtion issue. By that time, it was too late for hundreds of homeowners who had already, in the first half of 2007, and later in the case of many others, decided on what turned out to be the wrong plumbing contractor to repair their system.


On two very personal matters, in 2013 my endearing wife Olga, after 47 years of marriage, passed away at St. Rose Hospital from multiple organ failures following a paralyzing stroke.


In late 2015, at the urging of my son, Michael, I joined Our Time, an online dating service for seniors. On Memorial Day, 2016, I had a date with this very lovely blue-eyed, blond lady, Eileen Wolfenson, who I had met online after sending her a Happy Birthday greeting. After dating for a while, sharing mutual feelings for each other, a Caribbean cruise, visits with friends and our two families, I was very pleased to learn that Eileen had agreed, in January 2018, to join me in a domestic partnership.


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Resident contributions and copyrighted materials (articles and images) may not be copied, reproduced, or republished in any manner without the written consent of the author, creator, and/or the publisher. In the case of editorials, comments and reports written by Ron Johnson, such work is covered by and licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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